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Adjustable Plantar Fasciitis Dorsal Night Day Splint Foot Orthosis Stabilizer

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1.OPEN HEEL DESIGN:Open design for cool and breathable foot comfort during sleep.
2.ULTRA COMFORTABLE:the fully padding lining with soft foam insert against the foot reduces pressure points and allows you to sleep comfortably throughout the night. 
3.ALUMINUM STRIP:Embedded a bendable aluminum strip, strong supporting force, not easy to deform.There is a comfy layer of padding underneath the metal strip to prevent your instep from hurt.Extra elastic strap to ensure the splint immobilization.
4.EASY TO USE: Adjustable strap, easy to adjust the tightening.
5.GREAT FOOT SUPPORT:Our foot splint is designed to hold your foot in a flexed position while you're at sleep, watching TV, reading book or other time when you're at break.
The llightweight night splint can keep the foot in a 90-degree position all night, providing a nice stretch to relieve foot aches, sleeping in night splints can significantly reduce morning foot pain.
Applicable scope:
1.Mild and moderate plantar fasciitis morning pain relief.
2.Drop foot orthotic rehabilitation.
Directions for Use:
1.You can wear the splint barefoot or wear your sock on for more comfy.
2.We don't suggest wear the splint in shoe, it's not made for really walking.
3.It's recommended to wear the splint for 30 minutes at first use, you may need one or two nights to get used to it.
4.Do pre-exercise stretches to your foot before use the splint is good for plantar fasciitis pain relief.
5.It'll be better to keep your leg lay straight when wearing the splint.
6.It's recommended to start at 90 degrees, then you can adjust it to a smaller angle if you need more stretches.
7.Please note if have any discomfort during the use of the splint, you should take it off.
8.Don't wear the foot splint too tight, please adjust the tightness to your comfort.
The splint is only auxiliary not treatment for the above symptoms.
Washing Tips:
Please remove the aluminum strip from the top of the splint before washing.
Hand wash in cold water,dry in the shade
The Splint Brace Size:
1.Foot strap and ankle strap are long enough and adjust by hook and loop.
2.Fits most adult feet (above size 5), suggest for people who weighs below 200lbs.
3.For both right and left foot.
Package Included:
1 Pcs Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint


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